Mentor Gashi

Attempts to align thoughts by practicing writing.

My failure to give a farewell to Albismart

The recent events in the tech industry, where companies have faced consequences for failing to act but have gained wisdom afterwards, have inspired me to reflect on my own experiences. In particular, I want to address my failure to publicly give a farewell to a company that Arbnor Gashi and I co-founded.

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Move slow and fix things you broke

In the past two decades, humanity has been focused on promoting rapid technological advancement, and we have embraced the idea that it's okay to "move fast and break things." This has allowed many apps and hardware products to fail and reach the surface, and we have been totally okay with it.

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Just a little Docker should not give you harm, right?

Struggling around to get through your first day with Docker? It really kinda is frustrating. Add a few more tools that you just met and that's how you start burning out. To cool it down a bit, I will list a few hints I wish someone gave me when embarking a Full-Stack role including some minor DevOps tasks that keeps you going.

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